Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Have you seen this????

Recently I was browsing through Restoration Hardware online and what did  I see???

The Exposed Deconstructed Collection

As soon as I seen this it reminded of a blog post of Sweet Pea Home

while this collection is quite amazing
there truly is nothing like an authentic deconstructed chair

via Pinterest

via la Brocanteuse

via saint jude tumblr
What's your thoughts??


  1. It's always amazing what they copy. I have the authentic French deconstructed chairs in my living room....as in I stripped off the fabric myself:) and my French husband just can not understand it! Beautiful, beautiful images!!!!!

  2. Yes, I clocked this too- Dan Marty was way ahead of his time, or perhaps Restoration is just behind??

  3. Hi Debbie...
    I love this look but just a touch...my home is too small and my husband too blind to the attraction. :) Wishing you a good sale at the Fancy Flea...wish I could be there but am sending my sister in my place.
    Hoping all is well...
    Take care, Laura

  4. Hello my friend, I am so out of touch with blogging lately...just stumbled upon this post. It seems that RH is onto something...onto us! Copying all we are doing on blogs, at shows, everywhere! I three legit deconstructed chairs that I love! Not for everyone I know, but for me it works! See you Saturday!



  5. have three legit chairs! oh i hate typos!