Thursday, November 10, 2011

Catch me at THE FLEA!

This Saturday, November 12th, I will be set up at the FANCY FLEA MARKET in downtown Lakeland. 
There will be 125 vendors on hand selling treasures of all kinds! 


  1. wow, the list keeps growing! i'll be in booth 21 in front of jimmy john's. would love to meet you!

    hugs and have a great show!


  2. Hello my name is Jessica I am the lady that bought all the spindles with the big dome over them :) I am sad to say my husband accidentally broke the glass dome :( and yes I am about sick over it!! Do you have another one by chance or know of where I can buy one? Please email me at Thank you!!!

  3. Loved your booth at Fancy Flea! You have a wonderful eye and I enjoyed your creative displays! Sorry I missed meeting you...
    Take care, Laura :)